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The World To Come
Original title: El mundo que viene
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The World To Come

Original title: El mundo que viene

We are all experiencing the profound impact of globalization and hyperconnectivity and more waves of change are coming in the immediate future: the acceleration of technology and the emergence of more than 4 billion people in developing countries. These trends will revolutionize our society and radically change every aspect of our lives.
In The World to Come, Juan Martínez Barea explains why these changes are possible, analyzing what this wonderful new world will be like, describing the major protagonists who will build it and the revolutions they are leading and proposing a path that might help us all to unleash the talent we have inside of us and become the new world leaders, laying the foundations for the best period in the History of Humanity.

Find out why the next few decades will be the most exciting in the History of Humanity.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-9875-391-2 | Imprint: Gestión 2000