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El origen de la moral / The Origins of Morality

El origen de la moral / The Origins of Morality


We are moral beings: we judge our own behaviour and that of others. We possess values, and beliefs; we invoke rules and exceed them. Where does all this come from? In this essay Professor Salvador Giner explores, clearly and freely, the real origins of values and moral attitudes. He reveals the causes of ethical norms, and those of the conflicts they generate. In contrary to the currently widespread idea of ethical confusion, El origen de la moral proposes a secular, universal and robust morality. Our times, which so many consider to be barren of strong moral convictions, are also those of the essential principles of citizenship, human rights and obligatory public decency.

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An overwhelming, hopeful, rational and civil response to all relativist positions.

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Publishing date: 2012/09/06 | 416 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-154-4