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El pequeño libro de los grandes valores / The Little Book of Great Values
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El pequeño libro de los grandes valores / The Little Book of Great Values


Through the experiences of her grandmother, Meirav Kampeas-Riess transports us to mid-20thcentury Europe to question our values and show us the importance of memory, history and education.

The story begins in 1938 in the bosom of a Jewish family living in Selish, a city of the former Austro-Hungarian empire. Through the eyes of Edith Roth, then a sixteen-year-old girl full of illusions and love, we see how her family lived and how life radically changed when the Nazis invaded her city. Living through a ghetto and the Auschwitz concentration camp transforms young Edith into a strong woman who manages to survive the horror and, after numerous vicissitudes, begins a new life in Israel.

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Highlights The Little Book of Great Values


Values are at the heart of education. For this reason, the benefits of the copyright of this book will go entirely to the NGO Messengers of Peace for the creation of educational projects focused on values. By purchasing this book you are contributing to this important work.


“Life, hope and faith in ourselves make their way through the horror of the Holocaust: this book is a gift that strengthens the spirit and reminds us of the importance of memory, history and education.”
José Mota

A hymn to education, freedom and tolerance.

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Publishing date: | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16928-73-6