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El psicólogo en casa / The Psychologist at Home
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El psicólogo en casa / The Psychologist at Home


The Psychologist at Home addresses the everyday worries and neuroses which afflict us as individuals, our families and the people around us. Bernabé Tierno explains each of these disorders to us, covering how we think and feel, our body’s reaction to them and how we can fall into a vicious circle from which it can seem impossible to escape, providing us with the keys to successfully overcoming these bouts of suffering. Anxiety, lack of communication, insomnia, depression, sexuality, anorexia... These pages show the necessity of addressing psychology in the everyday environment, providing useful advice and practical solutions which point the way towards a cure.

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A practical book designed to help understanding of the disorders which sometimes appear in our everyday life, offering simple and effective solutions to overcoming them.

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Publishing date: 1999/01/19 | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-992-6

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