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El quinto elemento / The Fifth Element
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El quinto elemento / The Fifth Element


Classic literature divided the world into four elements: earth, water, wind and fire, as well as an invisible fifth element, the aether. These four elements are also the four divisions of armies, to which a fifth element has now been added: cyberspace (like the aether, it is invisible and almost undetectable). 

A global war has begun and we are all soldiers in its trenches. This great international conflict transcends all physical frontiers and is taking place in hundreds of countries simultaneously. The new battlefield is digital networks, cyberspace and the iceberg of the great hidden Internet we don’t know about. He who controls information and the interconnected society will control the world.

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The third world war has begun and we are all soldiers in its trenches. 

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-234-2195-4