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El reino ignorado / The ignored world of plants
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El reino ignorado / The ignored world of plants


This book analyses the extraordinary world of plants from a scientific point of view: it talks about chemistry, genetics, toxicology, evolution... and, of course, plants. It is not a botany manual nor a compilation of scientific articles directed at specialists, but a book written for all audiences, in which a scientific approach reveals the wonders of a surprising and ignored world. Through the pages of the book we will discover the complex vegetal universe and, although it is not true they dance with classical music, feel pain, or empathy, plants are an extraordinary group of beings that observe and communicate.

David G. Jara studied Chemical Sciences, has a PhD and a degree in Biochemistry. He is a multidisciplinary scientist and teacher trainer, at the present time he combines his passion for the popularization of science with teaching as Professor of Biology and Geology.

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Plants are able to remember events, deceive, defend themselves from predators, adapt to the most extreme environmental conditions, hunt animals and take advantage, like the most seasoned sponger, of their fellow creatures.

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Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2783-9