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The Secret of the Sacred Mountain
Original title: El secreto de la montaña sagrada

The Secret of the Sacred Mountain

Original title: El secreto de la montaña sagrada

A sinister character disturbs the peace at the monastery of Montserrat: it is Brambora, a mercenary in the service of Suis Viribus, a shady secret organization with obscure intentions. Recognising the danger, the Benedictine community will entrust Joan, a young monk, with their lives. He will be helped in his investigation by Sarah, an attractive young scientist with whom he will find ancient documents which mention a mysterious treasure hidden in the area: a legend that goes back to the final months of the civil war and would bring to light a terrible secret.

Highlights The Secret of the Sacred Mountain


Montserrat Mountain: A long standing mystery. A dark past. The secrets of the sacred mountain finally uncovered.

A 100% Bestseller: tumultuous action in a plot that combines historical detail, a secret about to be revealed, a mysterious evildoer, an emotional couple and especially Montserrat, a magical environment suffused with mystery and legend.

The novel is an extremely easy read and will enlight readers as they turn the pages. Very well researched, it is filled with references and interesting facts about the way of life inside a monastery.

Rights sold

Newton Compton (Italy), Mandorla (Hungary).

International editions

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Publishing date: | 428 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09853-9 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta