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Time on your Hands
Original title: El tiempo en tus manos
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Time on your Hands

Original title: El tiempo en tus manos

Dr. Félix Torán shares his knowledge, experiences and tools regarding the management of personal time. PhD in Engineering, he’s worked in the European Space Agency since the year 2000. He is a lecturer, writer and coach, with more than thirteen years dedicated to the theme of personal development. Despite this, he has time to practise at least eight hours of meditation and fi ve hours of physical exercise every week, as well as having a fulfi lling family and social life. All this without suffering from stress. For ten years, no one day has gone by when he hasn’t heard the same question: how is it possible to do so many things without getting stressed, with only 24 hours in the day? As he explains, there’s no special talent, just a power that we all have and can all learn to use.

Highlights Time on your Hands


“The best time management guide to have a full life”

We all have the power to make the best use of our time; we just need to learn to use it.

A proven technique of how to get the most out of time and dedicate yourself to all facets of life without suffering from stress.

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Publishing date: | 200 pages | ISBN: 978-84-92545-82-7 | Imprint: Ediciones Luciérnaga