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The Humble Victor
Original title: El triunfador humilde
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The Humble Victor

Original title: El triunfador humilde

Ángel is the head of human resources at a major company. Marta, a young journalist who has observed him from the start, begins to document what he says and does as everything seems to get better wherever he goes. Intrigued by what she believes is a great secret she follows his amazing ascent. What most surprises her is that even though he must now wear a suit, has a secretary and a good car, he doesn’t seem to have changed at all. He acts like a humble winner who feels that he is no better than anyone else. Could this be the key?

The first fable by an author who has helped over a million readers find happiness.

The work’s message is simple and direct. Success in life (both personal and professional) comes by way of honesty and humility.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-9998-159-8 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca