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En busca del origen perdido / In search of the lost origin
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En busca del origen perdido / In search of the lost origin


Where do we come from? To answer this question, the Earth offers us the fascinating possibility of scraping and digging, little by little, until we discover the fossilized remains of organisms that give us very precise information about what, even who, was there.

In Search of the Lost Origin is an exciting journey to the origin of life on Earth where we will discover where we come from, how Mother Nature has been playing her cards to take us to what we are today, and even key information to interpret where we are going... Are we going to experience another mass extinction?

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Highlights In search of the lost origin


We will discover curiosities such as that, in evolutionary terms, it would be more accurate to say we come from fish rather than monkeys.

Three paleontologists invite us to embark on an exciting journey to the origins of life on Earth, almost 4 billion years ago, where we will discover the best kept secrets of the evolution of species.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-493-3439-9