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En familia con Karlos Arguiñano / AT HOME WITH KARLOS ARGUIÑANO
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En familia con Karlos Arguiñano / AT HOME WITH KARLOS ARGUIÑANO


“My very first cooking memory must be from back when I was twelve, at home, following my mother’s instructions to make tomato sauce... cooking is part of a family’s heritage, it is a cherished skill passed down from generation to generation. This book features more than 350 very simple dishes to enjoy at home with your family. Home cooking that is cheap, healthy and uses seasonal products so that you have plenty of choice: vegetables, legumes, rice, pasta, soups and creams; eggs, meat, fish and seafood; desserts and much, much more. I encourage you to share these recipes with your family, because there’s one thing that should never be lacking in the kitchen: love. And when it’s shared with your family, even better.” 

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Karlos Arguiñano, the most popular chef in Spain, presents his most ambitious book to date: over 350 delicious recipes to enjoy at home with your family.  

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-13417-6