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Espiritual mente / A Spiritual Mind
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Espiritual mente / A Spiritual Mind


If sciences such as anthropology, sociology and history have taught us anything it is that the human mind needs a concept of God (or a force of creation) to alleviate the anxiety caused by the unknown. Chance and the chaos of a life that cannot be planned and that, as much as we wish it were otherwise, cannot be controlled, threatens us, damaging our emotional system. Recent scientific studies show that faith in God, participation in rites and fulfilment of religious precepts reduce symptoms of depression and help self-control, improving our neuronal abilities. But, at the same time, our reasoning mind is unable to come to any absolute conclusions about spiritual factors.

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The author, regardless of different individual beliefs, has focused on the importance faith, meditation and spiritual precepts and values have had for different communities throughout the ages. These systems have managed to place body and mind in harmony and encourage health and well-being.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-978-0