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Etxebarri / Etxebarri
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Etxebarri / Etxebarri


Typically spotted at Mount Amboto near Axpe, “Mari, the Amboto Lady” is the supreme goddess of Basque mythology. At the foot of the mountain, 25 years ago Bittor Arginzoniz built up an exceptional place with his own hands and no other reference than the most ancient cooking technique. With fire, custom grills and obsessive search of premium produce, Bittor revolutionized the way we heat meat, fish or vegs.

His secret is the man himself: the fire whisperer. An absolute benchmark of grilling, Axpe deserves a whole chapter in Michael Pollan’s last best-seller “Cooked”. Bittor offers the best performance of any particular product subject to be cooked. Discover why Etxebarri is the place where Anthony Bourdain would like to die (The NYT, 2011).

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UK (Grub Street), Germany (Matthaes Verlag)

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-17948-1