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Emotional Fortitude
Original title: Fortaleza emocional
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help
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Emotional Fortitude

Original title: Fortaleza emocional
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Emotional fortitude is the sum of psychological resources that help us face the challenges and complex situations life presents us with. The stronger our emotional fortitude, the easier it is for us to overcome uncertainty, recognize what we want, and decide what path we want to take.

The author explains to us that these resources can be learned, improved, and strengthened. We just have to realize that they are part of us and that we can turn to them when we need to.

This book offers a new formula for developing out emotional fortitude, broken up into three phases: getting distance from reality to focus on conflicts from a new perspective; thinking productively, without distortions and without letting our impulses get the better of us; and finally, daring to take action to adapt to changes and achieve the life we want. Gaining emotional fortitude can help us face difficulties and learn to relate with toxic people and make better decisions. The key to achieving a full, happy life is in your hands.

With professional rigor and a long experience as a psychologist, Tomás Navarro has developed an innovative way to help people by practicing therapy out in the open. Emotional Fortitude is the result of his learning and the perfection of his techniques through years of work.

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Highlights Emotional Fortitude


Tomás Navarro, a psychologist who loves people, offers us a new way to think and act and adapt to change.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-13967-6 | Imprint: Zenith

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