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Franco Confidential
Original title: Franco confidencial
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Franco Confidential

Original title: Franco confidencial

Dozens of books have been written about the man who dominated Spanish political life for almost four decades. But none like this. In these pages, Pilar Eyre explores some of the most intimate aspects of Franco’s everyday life in her inimitable style. His tumultuous, complex-filled childhood with an alcoholic father who terrorized his family. His romance with Carmen Polo, a strong-willed puritan woman who brought up their daughter in a reclusive environment. The tensions between Franco and Don Juan, and of course the undoubtedly cordial relationship between the Caudillo and the then prince and princess Juan Carlos and Sofía.

Carmen Polo’s jealousy over the “special relationship” between Eva Perón and her husband; the adulterous love story of Ramón Serrano Súñer, the First Brother in Law, with one of the most beautiful aristocrats in Spain; Franco’s weakness for Luis Miguel Dominguín, whom he forgave everything, including getting involved with one of his cousins in spite of a twenty year age difference... Pilar Eyre reveals all these stories in this gripping, addictive book that uncovers Franco’s hidden side and also portrays the lives of some of the most famous characters in the recent history of Spain.

A book that once more demonstrates Pilar Eyre’s firm hand with historical narrative and her skill at portraying major figures; their intimate circle, weaknesses and secrets.

A gripping read, with an almost cinematic feel.

An extraordinary tale that reads like a novel. It is thoroughly researched and contains numerous revelations and surprises for its readers.

Pilar Eyre is a publishing phenomenon and has written several bestsellers including La soledad de la reina (140,000 copies sold) and, previously, María la Brava (90,000), Ena (46,000) and Pasión imperial (43,000).

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Publishing date: | 704 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4741-4 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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