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Franz y Greta / Franz and Greta
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Franz y Greta / Franz and Greta


Franz and his little sister Greta get lost in a shopping centre and have to go to the Lost Children department. The rules there aren’t much to Franz’s taste as he has almost grown out of childhood and his mind is making the transition from childish wonder to adult thought; he is on his way to making great, extraordinary discoveries.
He decides he has to leave and the only way out seems to be through the so-called Incredible Territories, but no-one has ever come back from there in their right mind. Thus begins an adventure that places Franz and Greta in a world that doesn’t seem real but nonetheless offers them clues to understanding their past.

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Combining fables, classic stories and the realist tradition, Franz and Greta is the tale of an unhappy boy who gets lost in a shopping centre with his little sister and is thrust into a fantastic, mythical world in his search for the way home.

“It has everything I like to read: a timeless subject, armfuls of truth, wisdom, emotion, daring and playfulness, and brilliant paragraphs that take your breath away. It is overflowing with gentleness and love for the children we once were without sentimentality.”

“Like a European Murakami, Tusset drinks from cult and pop culture traditions, video games, popular stories, cinema, and high culture in an original tale that will keep you up at night.”

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4814-5