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Gamer & héroe / Gamer & Hero
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Gamer & héroe / Gamer & Hero


Gamer & Hero is a story about a youth who, after discovering his passion for video games, wants to turn simple entertainment into a way of life by becoming a professional. But the road to achieving his dream will not be easy, and our protagonist will have to overcome many difficulties.

His family’s initial opposition will be compounded by the discovery of a world of confrontation at the highest level, rife with betrayal and foul play.

Themes such as friendship and love, the relationship with the family and economic difficulties at a time of crisis have their place in this story, which also seeks to reveal the sometimes obscure secrets of professional video game competition, a competitive and sometimes truly cruel environment, where healthy rivalries often culminate in fierce duels.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-270-4434-0