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Hija de lobos / Wolf Daughter
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Hija de lobos / Wolf Daughter


Scotland 1826. Rhum Island is being evicted to make way for livestock. In spite of this, an expert scientist arrives to live in the only house on the island, a round-walled mansion, accompanied by his adolescent daughter and his young son, who suffers from a terrible disease. But the presence of strangers seems to have awoken something on the island, something ancient and evil which up until then had existed only in local legends. The eldest daughter, Sabine, must give up her childish dreams to confront a world of shadows and danger if she wants to save her brother’s life, and her own.

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Highlights Wolf Daughter


Hija de lobos is a fantasy adventure novel in the classic sense of the genre.

The charismatic protagonist and mysterious figure of the wolf man will make this novel, set at the beginning of the 19th Century, a great read for fantasy novels committed readers and the general public alike.

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Publishing date: | 368 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-7839-6

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