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Hijos del árbol milenario / Children of the Millenium Tree
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Hijos del árbol milenario / Children of the Millenium Tree


This book tells the story of three generations living in Euskadi, welcoming us to San Sebastián days before the outbreak of the Spanish civil war, and taking us as far as the shadow of the tree of Gernika in 1979. On the way, these three generations of the Landabrau family, as well as more than fifty other characters, lay bare their most intimate emotions, all of them affected by Franco’s dictatorship and the general’s death, industrialization and the peak of the new bourgeoisie, the encouraging years of the Transition, the later liberation of Basque political prisoners, the birth and organization of the armed front of ETA, the anxiously awaited proclamation of the Constitution in 1978 and the signing of the Gernika Statute a year later. Hijos del árbol milenario covers more than forty years of history narrated by men and women that come together and separate in accordance with events and their own evolution as people.

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A historical portrait of Euskadi that gives the reader an insight into the hidden soul of the Basque country and the fragility of the human condition.

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Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09237-7