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Original title: #Hiperconectados
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Original title: #Hiperconectados

There’s no escape, we’re all hyperconnected. We’ve been forced to adapt to new, much more sophisticated forms of communication. Today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other networks are part of our everyday lives and most people can’t stand leaving their mobile phone at home.

New technologies have helped us a lot. Today it’s much easier to buy a product, meet new people, and find work or a partner... but it has also become a curse. We now feel an obligation to join and chat in WhatsApp groups we’d never have imagined being part of, having conversations in crazy vocabulary, losing our privacy by sharing our diet with half the world, or missing our stop because we were distracted by the latest meme.    

In #Hyperconnected, Lucía Taboada addresses the big issue of contemporary communication with theoretical rigour and humorous asides, sharing personal experiences and illustrated examples.  

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Publishing date: | 184 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-14707-7 | Imprint: Zenith

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