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Indian Express / Indian Express
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Indian Express / Indian Express


Lola and Che met over forty years ago. Their friendship survived endless nights of partying in the Barcelona of the gauche divine period; the utopias of May ‘68; hippies in London and psychedelia... but with time and after certain incidents they never discussed, they drifted apart. However, when fate gives them a second chance to renew their friendship they decide to realize a dream from their youth: to travel together around India. The journey will help them to relive the days when they were Che and Lola, Lola and Che: always inseparable; but also to face up to a dramatic past they have tried to forget.

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Pepa Roma has written a wonderfully evocative novel about the immense suggestive power India still holds for western travellers. This is a paean to the unlimited power of dreams and an insightful look at love and friendship, with all their highs and lows.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10147-5

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