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Inútil ilusión traicionera / Useless, traitorious illusion
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Inútil ilusión traicionera / Useless, traitorious illusion


After a difficult investigation lasting three years, Judge Fabio Castel attends the burial of Ezequiel Zahner, a slick Mafioso he had been just about to bring to justice. During the ceremony, a mysterious, attractive women shows up in red shoes to say goodbye to the deceased. Berenguela Zahner ran away from her family to avoid seeing herself mixed up in her father’s illegal businesses. Now the sole legatee, the girl will try at any cost to dismantle her family’s illegal empire, but how can she do that and still come up clean in Judge Castel’s investigation?

Fabio’s watching her like a hawk, but those legs and those red shoes haunt his erotic fantasies, until the judge winds up putting his job at risk and Berenguela endangers her defense. Intrigue, erotic scenes, startling chases, and unexpected surprises make up the setting for a high-voltage erotic novel that will pit the values of the two main characters against each other until finally they declare they’ve fallen in love.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-18285-6

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