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La casa encantada / The Enchanted House
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La casa encantada / The Enchanted House


The new school year is going to be very entertaining! The Gang decides to investigate the history of Villa ARI-ADNE, an old mansion that was the centre of the town a hundred years ago, which legend has it is enchanted. Once inside they’ll find even more surprises than they were expecting, some of them terrifying and suspiciously related to Carla and Marla. But Marc’s genius and help from unexpected quarters will see the Gang win out in the mansion! 

In Zoé’s Gang Top Secret Zoé, Kira, Marc, Alex and Liseta face new adventures and thrilling mysteries, this time without going anywhere, in their own school! A collection with large doses of humor that reinforces essential values such as friendship, self-esteem, difference. Profusely illustrated and full of dynamism.

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Publishing date: | 112 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16027-4