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Happiness is Tea with You
Original title: La felicidad es un té contigo
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Happiness is Tea with You

Original title: La felicidad es un té contigo

The inexplicable disappearance of the gentleman Atticus Craftsman into the Spanish mist would seem to be related to the machinations of five desperate women, the employees of the magazine Librarte, who are capable of doing anything to keep their jobs.

Inspector Manchego will be given the task of unravelling a plot in which romantic comedy is mixed with tender drama, a criminal mystery that ends up revealing the most important literary discovery of all time, difficulties suddenly made easy and problems drowning in tears... of laughter. All of this ends with the perhaps unsurprising revelation that everything can be explained by love.

Highlights Happiness is Tea with You


The Happiest Novel of the year.

A hysterical humorous novel in which five Spanish women and the ghost of García Lorca try to fool an eccentric Englishman.

An optimistic, original and very funny novel with impossible couples (What could a refined Englishman and a Gypsy from Sacromonte in Granada possibly have in common?), that mixes humour and tenderness with the worries of everyday life, the crisis and a great literary mystery.

Rights sold

Atria (USA), Transworld (UK), Thiele Verlag (Germany), Marcador (Portugal), Bazar (Norway), Bazar (Finland), Hermes (Bulgaria), Media Rodzina (Poland), Booklog Company (Korea), Sperling & Kupfer (Italy), Mercure de France (France).

International editions

Technical data

Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-670-2548-4 | Imprint: Espasa

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