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La gran guía del lenguaje no verbal / The Big Guide of Non-Verbal Language
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La gran guía del lenguaje no verbal / The Big Guide of Non-Verbal Language


Let’s be honest: we’d all like to be able to influence other people in ways that help us to make our dreams come true. We’d also love to be able to read people’s minds, know what they think of us and what they’re planning. That fantasy isn’t possible, or even desirable, but we do know how to learn and develop the pertinent skills to improve our non-verbal communication with others, a key element in achieving our objectives and path to happiness.

In this guide, Teresa Baró, an expert in communication, shares all the necessary elements you’ll need to become one of those people who can read non-verbal cues and better interpret the messages other people send us. The author also shares a plan to help us learn to consciously control the gestures in our armoury and avoid the ones that do us no good. 

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Highlights The Big Guide of Non-Verbal Language


Over 10,000 copies sold in Spain.  

A complete guide to non-verbal language in your professional and personal life by one of the best specialists in the subject.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-493-2796-4

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