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The Inheritance of the Land
Original title: La herencia de la tierra
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The Inheritance of the Land

Original title: La herencia de la tierra

In the Barcelona of the Industrial Revolution era, the protagonist, Rosendo Roca, will refuse to accept his tragic fate and go on a dangerous quest that will come to dominate the rest of his life. On the way, he will have to struggle against hunger, the nobility, engrained tradition, war, sickness and the proletariat, as well as the contradictions that come with a form of progress in which the Church and vested interests play a crucially decisive role. He will discover the value of friendship, unconditional love and the power of hate in a newly industrial world in which he himself will play a big part in transforming.

Highlights The Inheritance of the Land


The triumph of a man who struggled to achieve his dream against all the odds.

‘An important work of research and documentation covering an understudied period; the beginnings of industrialization in Catalonia.’

A book that will remind you of Falcones with a Zafón’s twist set in the Barcelona of the Industrial Revolution era (XIX century).

Rights sold

Albatros (Poland).

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Publishing date: | 768 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09222-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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