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La Hermandad de la Buena Suerte / The Brotherhood of Good Fortune
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La Hermandad de la Buena Suerte / The Brotherhood of Good Fortune


An invincible horse who has just lost its first race, a jockey who disappears mysteriously when looking for the secret of good luck, two unscrupulous businessmen who aim to decide their rivalry on the racing track... The Golden Cup, the most important international horse race of the year, is about to begin. Four adventurers must find the missing man in time for him to take part in the race: meanwhile, each one of them face their own demons. Their search will challenge them with secrets and dangers, until their adventure comes to an end on a Mediterranean island, where they will encounter the bitter taste of betrayal... and the threat of a dangerous foe.

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Highlights The Brotherhood of Good Fortune


Premio Planeta 2008

A novel of adventures, embellished with metaphysical touches and set in the fascinating world of horse racing.

Rights sold

Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Passigli (Italy), Wydawnictwo MG (Poland), Geopoetika (Serbia).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-08368-9

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