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La Hermandad del Halcón. Perdido / The Brotherhood of the Falcon: Lost
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La Hermandad del Halcón. Perdido / The Brotherhood of the Falcon: Lost


When Henry Tinley wakes up he discovers that he has lost his memory. The only thing he can remember is his passion for a beautiful woman… He is ready to do anything for her and to get back his memory, even to the point of trusting the people who insist that he is a spy. Eleanor Fordyce has already lost Henry once and doesn’t know if she can stand it a second time. But the man now in her house is different from the one who abandoned her in Scotland: he’s disoriented and she, his wife, is apparently the only one who can help him to get back his identity. Together they investigate his past and the more they find out, the more they fear that this Henry Tinley isn’t what he appears to be. Can Henry convince Eleanor that the only genuine thing about him is the love he feels for her?

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-00448-6

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