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La huella de una carta / The Imprint of a Letter
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La huella de una carta / The Imprint of a Letter


Nuria’s quiet life with her husband, a travelling salesman who she doesn’t see as often as she’d like, is given a jolt when she reads an enigmatic advertisement in the newspaper that stirs her dream of becoming a writer. Even though she’s not quite sure what’s going to be involved, she agrees to become an anonymous writer of answers to questions sent to a radio show for which Elena Francis plays the role of agony aunt. Her work seems simple: she has to answer the letters that the show doesn’t have time for. But everything changes when a desperate listener tells her about children born with terrible defects. Nuria decides to investigate further and uncovers a criminal international network that will put her life at risk and change her fate forever.

After the success of Volver a Canfranc, Rosario Raro returns with a gripping novel that will captivate her readers.

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Kero Ed. (France).

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-17299-4

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