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La interpretadora de sueños / The Dream Intepreter
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La interpretadora de sueños / The Dream Intepreter


When the young Jewish woman Sarah Georginas Parker embarks on the Titanic, she has no idea that her plans will change forever. Having survived the shipwreck, she returns to Prague and dedicates herself to bringing up her son. When things get difficult in Europe, she decides to travel to the United States. Upon her arrival in New York, her life takes a turn for the better as she finds work as a dream interpreter and soon becomes a hit among New York high society.

Twenty years later, however, she returns to Europe. She has unfinished business: her son’s inheritance. But then the Second World War breaks out and Sarah Georginas is taken to a concentration camp...

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Legendary settings for a legendary story: a tale about an exceptional woman and love, friendship, courage and sacrifice during the most turbulent period of our recent history.

A classically-styled novel about a woman’s life in the inter-war period with very attractive settings, Prague and New York high society and excellent characters, some of them based on real-life figures (Kafka, Freud, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald).

Splendid scenes and impeccable writing.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-670-4306-8