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La leyenda de las dos piratas / The Legend of the Two Female Pirates
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La leyenda de las dos piratas / The Legend of the Two Female Pirates


They were young and well-bred but forced to fight for the only thing they didn’t have: their freedom. London, 1579. In a time of men governed by women, two young aristocrats – the future countess Inés Braukings and the bastard princess Victoria Dudley – rebel against the life to which they are condemned by birth and escape in search of freedom. To get away from their gilded cages, they set sail with El Miguel, a pirate ship captained by the skilful, cool-headed Miguel Saavedra, a personal friend of Queen Elizabeth, who has no idea about the Spaniard’s criminal activities. When the relationship with the captain and his pirate crew grows more complicated, Inés and Victoria will be obliged to leave and – with the help of the brave, lethal Shatidje – charter their own ship.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-17403-5