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La política del miedo / The Politics of Fears
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La política del miedo / The Politics of Fears


Repression is usually considered to be a consequence of the Civil War and the violence caused by both sides during the conflict. But Santiago Vega Sombría, after comprehensive analysis, now offers us a new and very different perspective on the role of repression, seeing it as an essential element of the Francoist state and political system. This is not just a chronicle of the deaths, but an overall study of the different ways in which the politics of fear was used to ensure submission: imprisonment, confiscation of possessions, purges and other means of coercion: from beatings, forcefeeding with castor oil and humiliation, including the forms reserved especially for women, to the symbolic violence exercised in schools, in churches or on the street itself

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For the first time, not just a chronicle of deaths, but a detailed study of the politics of fear as an essential element of the Francoist state to ensure the population’s submission.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-9892-438-1