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La profecía del Laurel / The Laurel Prophecy

La profecía del Laurel / The Laurel Prophecy


Year 1321: Guillaume Bélibaste is waiting at the Carcassone Wall for his execution. Almost 80 years after Montsegur’s fall, and after templars and catars disappeared in the bonfires, the Holy Inquisition rules the lives of Occitania. But before dying, Guillaume hands down the story of his life, always in flight and full of revelations. The flames won’t destroy but confirm the Laurel Prophecy, whose shadow will be cast over the coming centuries. Templars, bons homes and catars get together in this passionate historical novel, from the old country of Toulouse to the Kingdom of Aragon, crossing the secret path of the protagonist, who finds the most amazing allies and allow us to witness with detail the most unknown ceremonies and rituals of his confession. The condemnation and extermination of the Temple Order was a preview of the terrible tragedies which were going to take place trough the 14th century in the old continent. The black plague took forty per cent of the European population and after that came the bloody prosecutions of the communities considered heretic by the Church of Rome. People whose behaviour was doubtful for the inquisitors suffered hunger, poverty and terror. Guillaume Bélibaste, considered the last Perfect of Languedoc, between history and legend, had to live through this nightmarely inquisition which ruled the lives of Occitania.

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Enalios (Greece), Il Punto d’Incontro (Italy).

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Publishing date: 2005/06/07 | 512 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-05899-1