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The Second Republic in Exile, 1939-1977
Original title: La Segunda República en el exilio (1939-1977)
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The Second Republic in Exile, 1939-1977

Original title: La Segunda República en el exilio (1939-1977)

The story told in this book is quixotic; that of the Republican resistance which confronted the military coup in 1936 in spite of the Republic’s isolation and notorious non-intervention policies. The legitimate government of Spain, for all its flaws, represented positive values: democracy, secularism, solidarity, social justice and self-government for historical communities. None of these values could be found on Franco’s side. And when the Civil War ended, whilst the Franquistas supported the Axis, the republicans were committed to the Allied cause. Furthermore, the exiles maintained democratic institutions: the Presidency of the Republic, the Government, the Courts and the Basque Government.

Highlights The Second Republic in Exile, 1939-1977


The story of Republican Resistance during the Franco regime.

The history of Spain, from the end of the Civil War in 1939 until the first democratic elections in 1977, cannot be properly understood without knowledge of the Republic in exile.

There are many books which cover the subject partially, but none that provides an overall vision. This is the first work which gives us the full story, with the objectivity conferred by the passing of the time.

Many of the events which occurred during the Transition have their origins in practically unknown factors —the return of the President of the Catalan Generalitat, Josep Tarradellas, for example, cannot be explained without detailed knowledge about the Republican institutions in exile.

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Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10187-1 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta