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La señora Really y otros sueños por soñar / Mrs Really and Other Dreams to be Dreamed
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La señora Really y otros sueños por soñar / Mrs Really and Other Dreams to be Dreamed


Two neighbours who meet through a domestic incident begin a curious game: recycling time. They decide to tell each other their own and other people’s memories, scouring the past in search of small forgotten stories lost in its folds. The rules of the game govern inventiveness, dreams and journeys. Mrs Really and Dora learn to weave their tales together until they have created the fabric of a personal history, the one they would have liked to have lived. And this helps them to forget the haste of the outside world and the time that separates them. This book is a toast to the friendships that arise from knowing how to listen and willingless to let life surprise you.

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Highlights Mrs Really and Other Dreams to be Dreamed


A magical, enthralling novel about friendship between women. A book that is full of hope and acceptance of life.

A warm novel in the tradition of Anna Gavalda or Marta Rivera de la Cruz but with a quality that makes it stand out: its oneiric universe.

This novel is full of small metaphors like dreams and stories, both invented and drawn from real life, offering a message that invites interpretation.

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09330-5