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La venganza de Tiburón / The Revenge of the Shark
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La venganza de Tiburón / The Revenge of the Shark


The Shark has just got out of the slammer after serving a four year, four month and four day stretch on the inside. That might not sound like much but it’s 1992 and when he gets out on the street our gangster finds that Barcelona is going crazy over the Olympic Games. Firstly: he needs to find Loli, his favourite whore, and his Magnum 357. Then he needs to get his revenge on the corrupt cop who locked him up. But Shark hasn’t spent a day on the outside when one of Loli’s colleagues turns up dead in a seedy hotel. A shark’s fin is lying on the nightstand.

The first adventure of the most notorious and freespirited gangster in Spain. The novel is inspired by the life of Dani el Rojo, a youthful criminal and later agent who has managed several Spanish artists.

A dirty crime novel that will attract lovers of noire fiction and also a wider audience with its playful sense of humour and the charisma of the protagonist.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-480-1919-8