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La voz del pasado / The Voice of the Past
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La voz del pasado / The Voice of the Past


Ela has just been named Director of Operations of the CNI secret service. After her appointment, her grandfather gives Ela a series of recordings he has made. The tapes will tell of an enthralling world and a story that Ela never could have imagined; a vivid portrayal of Spain running from the civil war years up to the sixties, featuring fascinating characters such as Kim Philby – the most famous double agent of all time–, prominent Nazis who took refuge in Spain, European royal families… all these memories will tell Ela much more about her family than she ever suspected, and will put her on the track of a political plot that began in the war over seventy years ago and continues to this day.

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“Fantastic. The best Spanish spy novel ever written.” JULIA NAVARRO

Fernando Rueda is the author of La Casa, a huge bestseller and the first ever book on the Spanish intelligence service.

Fernando Rueda is regarded as the foremost specialist on all things related to espionage.

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Publishing date: | 544 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-3653-6