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Original title: Las 10 claves del éxito financiero
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Original title: Las 10 claves del éxito financiero

This is the introduction to The 10 Keys to Financial Success, and it leads on to a great adventure that will help the reader to improve their quality of life and financial health, regardless of their current personal and working situation. Forget the myth that society has taught us that you need to have money to earn money. This book will teach you that to earn money you just need an idea about how to make money. A poor mentality and habits will attract poverty while a wealthy mentality and habits will attract wealth.

Chan set himself the objective of financial success and applied the 10 keys found in this book to his own life. These 10 ideas have allowed him to live the life he always wanted, to have the freedom to be his own boss and do the things he enjoys while his money works for him. But success must be earned with sweat, that’s why he gave 110 per cent of his effort to achieve it, focusing on his goal every day. 

You can make sure that money is never a problem for you again, in fact it will give you the freedom to live fully. The good news is that your dreams are within your reach but you have to be ready to fight for them. Ask yourself: do I want financial success or to go on living my life as I am now? If you chose the first option, this is the book for you: get ready because we’re starting out on a journey to financial success. 

My name is Alberto Chan and I’m going to change your life 

“I started to read this book with scepticism – another manual that will only be profitable to the author? But I ended it with interest. It is an accessible, common sense guide to achieving financial prosperity. There are no magic formulas, but here you will find recommendations to get results from your personal potential.”  Daniel Lacalle, economist and author of Nosotros, los mercados (We, the Markets, Deusto, 2013)

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Publishing date: | 144 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9875-380-6 | Imprint: Gestión 2000