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Las alas de Ícaro / The Wings of Icarus (The Sphere 2)
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Las alas de Ícaro / The Wings of Icarus (The Sphere 2)


Kala has found a pair of half-built wings in her cellar. Her most cherished dream, to be able to fly and escape from the Nest, has apparently become a reality. Upset by the lies employed to capture her, the One, whom everyone is hoping can defeat the Sphere, puts on the contraption, leaps into the Abyss and flies away. 

Beneath the clouds at ground level, a dirty, rundown city awaits her. Her wings have disintegrated and Kala finds herself injured and alone in a world she could not possibly have imagined.

Unexpected dangers andcolourfulcharacters surround the One while, two miles above her head, the Open Hand comes up with a new plan to rescue her and continue the fight against the Power.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-15832-5

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