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Las campanas no son sólo para las iglesias / Bells aren't just for churches
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Las campanas no son sólo para las iglesias / Bells aren't just for churches


If you were in the theater watching the trailer for a romantic comedy, there would now appear a handsome police chief, Víctor Albalate, aka Conan, a mad agent, Diana Sierra, and even a few scenes with gunshots included. But, ah!––you’re holding a book in your hands, and all you can do is read to find out why the commissioner, a hardnosed, aggressive type, manages to make Diana tremble with his voice alone, and why, after every roll in the hay, she can’t keep him from vanishing from her side. And above all, where these mysterious chocolate bells come from.

A breezy, contemporary romance novel full of amusing situations and dialogues that leave you smiling and sighing, with a hero that is every woman’s erotic daydream.

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A fresh and cheeky romantic comedy that guarantees laughter, mysteries, occasional gunshots, eroticism, and maybe even a few more surprises

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Publishing date: | 336 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18384-6