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Las chicas somos guerreras / We Girls Are Warriors
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Las chicas somos guerreras / We Girls Are Warriors


Sara And The Goal-Scoring Girls is the story of a girl, Sara, who is crazy about football. But her PE teacher is an old-fashioned man. He thinks football isn’t a game for girls, and won’t let her into the school’s new team, the Halcones, an all-boy team. So Sara decided to put together her own girls team to prove that they can play just as well in the school league, but it’s not that easy to find eleven girls who can play good football…

Titles in the series:
- Setting up a team
- We girls are warriors
- Goal-scorers in the league
- Soccer and love don’t go together
- Goal-scorers never surrender
- The last goal

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Publishing date: 2009/05/26 | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-08563-8

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