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Las cinco muertes del barón airado / The Five Deaths of the Haughty Baron
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Las cinco muertes del barón airado / The Five Deaths of the Haughty Baron


Barcelona 1893. After an attack at the Liceu Theatre, the city is plunged into a whirlwind of uncertainty and anarchist attacks. The Baron of Castellfullit, one of the most powerful people in Barcelona, decides to travel to Madrid to inform the authorities of the situation and to look for support for a coup that would re-establish order. Many people hate the arrogant baron: his wife, his young lover Sofia, even his own son, all have reasons to see him killed. But they are not the only ones. Four people will die during an attack, and a fifth, completely innocent, will be tried in the midst of great social upheaval.

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Highlights The Five Deaths of the Haughty Baron


A novel about a 19th Century investigation into an assassination attempt in the highest circles of power in Barcelona.

Jorge Navarro reveals himself to be an extremely talented writer, especially good at recreating a historical atmosphere as attractive as it is disturbing and combining it with a highly original plot.

“A novel full of critical subtlety, humour and spirit. A strangeness that comes highly recommended.” ALICIA GIMÉNEZ BARTLETT

“Jorge Navarro writes very well, builds up a good plot and depicts the period very successfully. I like him.” EDUARDO MENDOZA

“A book destined to leave a mark on its readers.” LORENZO SILVA

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Publishing date: 2011/03/04 | 336 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-1299-4