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Las sinsombrero / Bareheaded Women
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Las sinsombrero / Bareheaded Women


This book honours the stories and different incarnations of several important woman, artists and thinkers from the “generation of 27”, whose legacy in Spain is just as crucial and significant as that of their more celebrated male contemporaries. Women who took off their hats, the intellectual corsets that relegated them to the status of wives and mothers, and fearlessly took part in Spanish intellectual life in the twenties and thirties. They include writers, artists, playwrights and thinkers: Rosa Chacel, Ernestina de Champourcín, Marga Gil Röesset, María Teresa León, Maruja Mallo, Concha Méndez, Ángeles Santos, María Zambrano, and Josefina de la Torre… Free women who broke new ground in their public and private lives, passionate and exciting figures who paved the way for women of today in spite of the huge setback of the Spanish Civil War which ended so many dreams of freedom and equality.

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History wouldn’t be complete without them.

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4603-8