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Las vidas que inventamos / The lives we invented
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Las vidas que inventamos / The lives we invented


Gaby will no longer enjoy her profession anymore. Neither her marriage. Neither her friends. By no means fidelity. But she strives to believe it is not.

Leo, her husband, neither fills her family life, but she liked the winner image that he has carved based on betrayals.

His web of lies and delusions seem to work until Gaby decides it is no longer sufficient and Leo make a terrible mistake. So while she searches in chats sexual encounters with strangers, he will try his actions did not come to light... at any cost.

Family. Job. Friendship. Sex. How many lies we add at the end of the day?

A surprising novel that portrayed, with wit and irony, contradictions of contemporary life.

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 Sol y Lune éditions (France)

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-670-1878-3

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