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Leonard Cohen y el zen / Leonard Cohen and Zen
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Leonard Cohen y el zen / Leonard Cohen and Zen


In the middle of 1993, after the conclusion of the tour to promote his album The Future, Leonard could find no reason to stay on in Los Angeles. He couldn’t enjoy the success his work had brought him, his romantic affair with Rebecca de Mornay had come to an end, and he was in the grips of a deep depression. It was then that he packed his bags, got into his Pathfinder, and headed for the Mount Baldy Buddhist monastery. For more than fifty years, the need for a complete self-renewal led Leonard Cohen on a spiritual quest through the study of Zen and Hinduism, an immense and profound personal labor that finally bore fruit in the last years of his life. Peace and inner silence flourished as the basis of his personality dissolved and Leonard Cohen stopped being Leonard, becoming simply Cohen in his work.

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-17371-04-3