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Lo que aprendí hasta los 30 / What I Learnt Before the Thirties
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Lo que aprendí hasta los 30 / What I Learnt Before the Thirties


After fifteen seasons in elite sports, Jorge Lorenzo feels the time has come to share some of the lessons he’s taken away from his experience, which will be inspiring and helpful for facing day-to-day reality, fighting for your dreams, and improving your personality. In other words, for achieving success in life. This is the only objective this book has. It’s not a memoir, though of course he will talk about himself and the things he’s been through, since these experiences are the keys that helped him become a world champion motorcyclist, and much more besides.

Jorge Lorenzo picks up his pen to explain everything that has happened in the most recent years of his career, when he has lived through his greatest ups and downs. 

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-16928-69-9