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Lo que el bosque esconde / What the Forest Hides
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Lo que el bosque esconde / What the Forest Hides


Magic is forbidden in Rodian, and those who practice it are persecuted. Neriabeth Rosaleal is one of those people, so she takes extreme precautions when she’s forced to move to the capital. She will travel in the company of Kilian Monteyermo, a nobleman who has an important mission to fulfill for the king. On the journey they will discover something that will end up putting their lives and the future of the entire kingdom at stake, something that contains echoes of a past and a history that has not yet completely come to an end.

Adventure, forbidden loves and lots of magic.

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Highlights What the Forest Hides


A romantic fantasy novel, an inexhaustible genre for young people. 

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Publishing date: | 544 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18205-4

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