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Lo que encontré bajo el sofá / What I Found under the Sofa
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Lo que encontré bajo el sofá / What I Found under the Sofa


This is a novel told in several voices with different narratives: Alicia is a young substitute teacher who has to move, along with her three year old daughter, to Toledo to teach at a school for a few months. She leaves her husband and a satisfying, stable life that might be described as happy behind in her home city and stays with an aunt, Laura, who has a terrible domestic secret.

Alicia meets an adolescent girl, Marta, who is being bullied by her classmates. This event is a turning point in her up until then predictable life, which from that moment on will never be the same again: she meets Marcos, a policeman who turns all her plans upside down, and they embark upon a passionate but desperate romance full of uncertainties.

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Rights sold

Corbaccio (Italy).

Options publishers

Karakter (The Netherlands), Crown (Taiwan), Tanesi (Serbia), Columna (Catalan).

International editions

Technical data

Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-3502-5

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