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White People are Crazy
Original title: Los blancos estáis locos
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White People are Crazy

Original title: Los blancos estáis locos

In August 2013, when an ambassadorial post in Equatorial Guinea opened up, Luis Melgar was certain: the job was his. No sooner had he moved than things began to go awry for Luis, his husband Pablo, and their dog Churchill, according to a logic that the young diplomat would soon make his slogan: in Guinea, the easy things are hard, the hard things are easy, and the impossible can be achieved without blinking an eye.

Once in Africa, despite the author’s even temper, things turn surreal at the embassy, a torrent of family visits complicates things further, and a new figure appears who will be the out-and-out hero of Luis and Pablo’s daily lives: Yolanda, a young Bubi who takes care of their home and finds everything the new arrivals do a source of absolute perplexity.

Adventures and misadventures of a young diplomat in one of the last Spanish colonies.

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Publishing date: | 376 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-587-0 | Imprint: Ediciones Península

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