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The Whims of Fate
Original title: Los caprichos de la suerte
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The Whims of Fate

Original title: Los caprichos de la suerte

A melancholic, lyrical journey through Spain during the Spanish Civil War; a vivid description of red Valencia, the point of departure for those seeking to leave the country; an impressionistic portrait of Paris in exile, long evenings and disillusionment in war-torn Europe. This is an unforgettable work that brings an end to the great Saturnalia trilogy.

Written between 1950 and 1951, the manuscript for this novel was found in the Baroja family home in Itzea, part of a new trilogy of novels that Baroja began in 1950 and called the Saturnalia. The novel is set during the Spanish Civil War. Its protagonist, the author’s alter ego Luis Goyena, a Republican journalist, flees from war-torn Madrid on foot to Valencia from where he escapes to Paris. Once he arrives at the French city he meets Gloria with whom he begins a romance in spite of his worsening economic situation. Paris is a succession of long evenings discussing the terrible events in Spain. But Europe is also about to descend into war and hope seems all but lost.

Pio Baroja reappears to seduce readers one last time with his descriptions, characterizations, conversations and explorations of the great themes of his work and the period: human nature, violence, exile, and the state of Spain and Europe.

Pío Baroja’s last unpublished novel.

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Publishing date: | 216 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4618-2 | Imprint: Espasa